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Why are we here?

The other night a big, fat raccoon slashed my ear with his nasty claws, apparently so badly that my people took me to the vet. As the vet lady was squeezing my ear, getting blood all over herself and me, something dawned on me. Chasing coons was really stupid. What was I getting out of that? I’ve sniffed out a bunch of coons over the years and ended up in a lot of trouble along the way. One time a particularly humorless rodent jumped on my back and bit me a dozen times before that guy I live with came to help. (see profile photo).

Anyway, it occurs to me that all kinds of animals (and people) do all kinds of stupid things. Some dogs I know fetch balls or catch frisbees for hours on end. One dog who lives near me will only poop in someone else’s yard. As for people, a lot of them smoke or gamble away their money. And they waste a lot of time on things like cutting the grass or going to church.

Is chasing a dangerous, 50-lb. rodent any stupider?

I don’t think so.


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